Woman hospitalised from severe sunburn suffered at Beyond The Valley festival in Victoria

A woman claims she looked like an “alien” and started to hallucinate after suffering severe sunburn on her legs.

Cas Flynn-Troy, 22, sat out in 37C heat at Victoria’s Beyond The Valley.

The Pilates teacher had been in the sun all day on December 31, but claims she used sunscreen a few times throughout the day.

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She noticed her legs had started to feel “hot” and turn “bright red” and hallucinating and realised her legs had turned “bright red”.

Cas was given painkillers to help her sleep that evening and cold water was poured over her legs.

Cas Flynn-Troy, 22, sat out in 37C heat at Victoria’s Beyond The Valley. Credit: Cas Flynn-Troy / SWNS

But when she returned home the next day she felt exhausted and noticed blisters appearing.

She went to Royal Melbourne Hospital on January 2 and had the blisters drained and is now back home recovering.

Cas, who also works in marketing, from Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, said: “It felt like an alien was on my legs.

“It was horrible. It was so ugly. The blisters were huge.

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.”

Cas was enjoying her last day at the festival with her friends before her sunburn developed.

“We started sitting outside in our pyjamas,” she said.

“We put on sunscreen at the beginning of the day and reapplied a couple of times — but clearly not enough.

“We went into the festival at 3.30pm, saw some acts and then came out to eat.

“I put on trousers and noticed my legs were a little sore – but I’d been dancing for three days straight.”

Cas went on to enjoy the rest of New Year’s Eve but started to hallucinate and feel a pain in her legs.

Cas’ legs are bandaged after having her blisters drained on January 2. Credit: Cas Flynn-Troy / SWNS

“I remember thinking, ‘why are my legs hurting?’ They just felt hot and they were swollen,” she said.

“I was holding the material of my trousers away. My legs were tender.”

Cas got back to her tent before rolling up her trousers and seeing her “bright red” legs.

She decided to go and see the medic at the festival.

The medic poured cold water on her legs and gave her painkillers.

She got back to home the next day and felt exhausted.

“Blisters started growing. I was so exhausted,” she said.

Cas’ sunburn left gruesome blisters on her legs. Credit: SWNS

The following day her family encouraged her to go to hospital, where staff drained her blisters.

She came home after a few hours and has been resting her legs since.

“I wouldn’t think this could happen. People say you don’t burn your legs,” she said.

Cas now has four sun creams with her at all times and is still careful to cover her legs.

She said: “Check the UV rays – even if it’s raining.

“Even if you tan, it’s still damaging your skin.”






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