Sunrise star shocks A-lister with inappropriate act during first big Hollywood interview

Katie Brown doesn’t hold back, especially when it comes to her celebrity interviews.

The Sunrise reporter, 32, shocked singer Michael Bublé when she let out a huge burp during an interview in which the pair was discussing the sparkling water, Bubly.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Watch Katie Brown’s wildly inappropriate interview with Michael Bublé.

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The Pepsi brand was introduced into Australia in May, and advertised by Bublé in a quirky TV commercial in which the singer is seen changing the spelling of bubly from a ‘y’ to an ‘é’.

Katie sat across from the Canadian crooner, 48, before the pair took a sip of the beverage, which made Katie make a surprising observation.

“It makes you do that nice burp,” Katie said of the drink.

Katie Brown left Michael Bublé shocked when she burped during their interview. Credit: Seven

Bublé, taken aback by the comment, asked Katie if she could “do a burp”, to which she happily agreed.

Katie then let out a massive burp, even shocking herself.

Proving not to be outdone, Bublé also let out a burp.

“That was better! Is this going to air?” Katie asked, laughing.

“Of course it’s going to air!” Bublé assured her.

“It’s breakfast TV. They’ll be like, ‘That’s so inappropriate’,” Katie shot back.

Katie was in good spirits as she drank from a can of the sparkling water. Credit: Seven
Bublé wasn’t to be outdone, also letting out a burp during the interview. Credit: Seven

The chat was filmed in June, but aired again on Wednesday as part of Sunrise’s “Best of Entertainment”.

Earlier in the jovial chat, Katie revealed her nerves to the singer, who she called her first big A-List sit-down interview.

“You are my first ever A-grade celebrity interview, Michael Bublé,” Katie began.

“You’re like top of the top.

“So like, I’ve done C and D grade but not Michael Bublé.”

The pair, who clearly got along extremely well, joked with each other.

The pair clearly got along well, with Katie revealing her top five Bublé songs. Credit: Seven

“I’m so nervous now because I want to be so good for you,” Bublé shot back, charmingly.

Katie finished by saying her “top five” songs by the chart-topper.

“It’s Sway, Home, Higher, You’re the First The Last My Everything, and Haven’t Met You Yet,” she said.

Bublé finished by calling Katie the “greatest, journalist, interviewer in the whole world” and added she should win a Logie Award for her performance.






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