Oz Lotto draw 1558 division one prize won by three tickets in New South Wales – with one person yet to come forward

A Sydneysider will be starting the new year more than $30 million richer after winning Oz Lotto – they just might not know it yet.

The winner, from the Cumberland area, was one of three division one winners in Tuesday night’s draw.

Despite the player having provided their contact details, repeated calls from The Lott have been unanswered.

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Spokesperson Matt Hart said he was urging the winner to come forward.

“We were ready to confirm the third Oz Lotto division one winner straight after the draw, but sadly whenever we called the number provided, it just rang out and went straight to message bank,” he said.

“If you see a number of missed calls on your phone from Tuesday night, you could be the mystery multi-millionaire we’re urgently trying to contact.”

File image: A Sydneysider will be starting the new year more than $30 million richer. Credit: The Lott

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1558 on Boxing Day were 17, 44, 22, 42, 31, 24 and 28, while the supplementary numbers were 3, 16 and 39.

Across Australia, there were three division one winning entries in Oz Lotto draw 1558 – all in New South Wales.

The other main prize winners were a man from Campbelltown and a father from the Sutherland Shire.

The latter mistakenly thought he’d won $32,000 instead of $32 million.

“What!?! Thirty-two million!?” he exclaimed when an official from The Lott confirmed his prize.

“I read it as $32,000. I didn’t read it properly.

“That is so awesome. That is insane. That’s crazy.

“I saw there was a big draw tonight and I just thought, ‘Stuff it, I’m going for it’.

“I can’t believe it. This type of thing doesn’t happen to someone like me.”

He said he would use his winnings to buy a house, an overseas holiday and give some to his children.

The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart. Credit: Sunrise

The Campbelltown man and his wife are, meanwhile, contemplating an early retirement.

“It’s not just for myself but my entire family. Some of my family have been going through hard times lately and this is going to be a huge help,” he said.

“This is such a wonderful thing.

“My wife and I work very hard, but I think an early retirement is on the cards, along with helping our children and family.”

In addition to the three tickets splitting the division one prize, another 31 division two winners took home more than $50,000 apiece.

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