Couple who lived on takeaways lose more than 114kg on easy diet after embarrassing SeaWorld moment

A takeaway food fan knew she had to lose weight when she could not fit into a rollercoaster seat at SeaWorld Orlando.

Tracie Lord’s decision to lose weight also inspired her husband, Steve, to join her and the pair have now shed 114kg between them.

The UK couple, both 43, recognised they were trapped in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits — ordering takeaway food three times a weekend and eating cakes and biscuits in the evenings.

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At her heaviest, communications specialist Tracie weighed 139kg and wore size 22 clothing.

It was during a 2017 trip to SeaWorld in Florida that Tracie knew something had to change.

“I went on the Mako rollercoaster at SeaWorld and unfortunately the bar to secure me in just wouldn’t go over my legs,” she said.

“Although I just brushed this off, subconsciously it gave me a kick up the bum.”

Tracie worked out she was eating nearly 3,000 calories a day and decided to ditch her takeaways, meal-deal lunches and white coffees — swapping them for soups, water and black coffee.

In just 18 months, Tracie managed to drop 57kg and six dress sizes, to weigh 82kg.

Tracie and Steve Lord showcase their weight loss in before (left) and after photos. Credit: Tracie Lord/SWNS

However, a breast cancer diagnosis in July 2022 put her weight loss on hold.

“I discovered I had breast cancer in my right breast after noticing a little lump in my left breast,” Tracie said.

“And after a horrendous biopsy, battling cancer became my top priority.

“I had surgery to remove the cancer, followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

“As there were some issues with testing my tissue for cancerous cells, I didn’t get the all-clear until first my annual mammogram in October 2023.

“Although I’m on tamoxifen for the next five years of my life, I’m determined to keep the weight off.”

Tracie Lord after her weight loss. Credit: Tracie Lord/SWNS

Steve has also gone from 120kg to just 88kg within that time and now enjoys going to the gym and cooking fresh meals with Tracie.

“I feel like losing weight has almost become easier since Steve stepped up his game,” Tracie said.

“We’re each other’s biggest supporters and, while we have the days when we snack a little too much, we are there to encourage each other to get back on track.

‘’I tried to brush off not fitting on a ride in Florida as just one of those things but, after coming home, I felt sluggish and something just clicked.

‘’I’ve always had a big appetite and I didn’t want to sacrifice the amount of food I was eating.

“So, I instead turned to healthy eating and soon realised I could still have large portions if I just made smarter choices.

“I was going to the gym a few times a week and the weight was just dropping off me.

“After I was diagnosed with cancer in 2022, my healthier eating habits took a bit of a back seat. But I’m now back on track.”

In September 2023, the couple returned to Florida and Tracie was ‘‘finally able’‘ to fit into the seat on the Mako ride.

“It has been amazing going back this year and us both being able to enjoy our holiday without feeling really tired and hot all the time,” she said.

“Me and Steve had such a solid relationship and healthier eating has brought us even closer, something I didn’t think was possible.

“We cook together and we love showing each other new recipes we’ve discovered.”

What Tracie and Steve ate before and after


Breakfast: White coffee with two sugars, and a cheese toastie as a late morning snack

Lunch: Takeaway meal-deal of sandwich, chips and a chocolate bar, and two white coffees in the afternoon

Dinner: Chicken fillets, oven chips, a little bit of veg

Snacks: Biscuits, chocolate and chips


Breakfast: Low-sugar bread with egg, black coffee

Lunch: Soup with tomatoes and sugar snap peas

Dinner: Chicken, wedges with sprouts and onions, and two coffees in the evening

Snacks: Yoghurt, fruit and a packet of chips

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