Best mushroom mask in a beauty product: Hey Bud revolutionise its skincare offering with unusual ingredient

An Australian skincare brand has launched a new, innovative product in the form of a face mask with mushrooms in it and even the co-founders have been overwhelmed by its runaway success.

Hey Bud Skincare produced its $60 Mushroom Mask to be an overnight hydrating mask with a blend of Tremella and Agarikon mushrooms to boost skin’s water retention and moisture levels.

Tremella mushroom alone is a super hydrator and holds 1000 times its own weight in water.

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These ingredients have all been supported with hemp seed oil to help replenish the skin’s fatty acids for nourished, glowing skin.

The pre-sale period of the product saw it sell out in record time but stocks have been replenished and it’s available at Priceline and on the Hey Bud Skincare website.

“Incredible ingredients like this are no longer just reserved for those who can afford products that might set you back $200+. We wanted to bring an amazing, premium experience to all of our customers too!” co-founder of Hey Bud Skincare Ollie Watts said.

Hey Bud Skincare has launched a new skincare product. Credit: Hey Bud Skincare
The pot is $60. Credit: Hey Bud Skincare

“This product has been 12 months in the making alongside some of the best chemists in Australia, and we’re excited for everyone to finally get the chance to try this incredible, innovative formula!” co-founder Alex Roslaniec added.

Customers who managed to secure the mask when it first launched are now raving at its ability to lock in moisture.

“This is definitely a new kind of product… for me at least anyway. I’m used to one-time-use sheet masks and this jar will last much much longer,” one woman wrote.

“You can also choose to leave it on for a few minutes or leave it on overnight. It feels super hydrating and I love all the natural ingredients.

“I also love that it doesn’t have a fragrance as I’m super sensitive to perfume and artificial fragrances. It’s super hydrating, I could already feel the difference after having used it once. A must try!”

Moisturise your skin overnight. Credit: Hey Bud Skincare

“I wake up feeling younger. First day of use and my face already looks happier after leaving it on overnight. This new mask is definitely staying in my skincare routine,” said another.

The childhood friends behind Hey Bud Skincare, Alex Roslaniec and Fedele D’Amico, alongside co-founder Ollie Watts, said they originally launched the brand because they wanted to create something that other brands hadn’t made.

“Hey Bud was originally born out of a need for a skincare brand that can not only clear acne, but also support long-term skin health and repair,” Fedele tells 7Life.

To find out more about Hey Bud Skincare, head here.






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