Best eco-conscious fashion: The Aussie brand behind sustainable and stylish ‘trash tees’ shoppers love

The Aussie brand behind a range of T-shirts that seamlessly blend sustainability, comfort and style is winning praise from shoppers around the country who are looking to make better choices with their clothes.

The new $55 “Trash Tees”, by leading innovator in sustainable outdoor apparel Zorali, not only look good, but feel good and do good too.

They do this by incorporating 30 per cent recycled cotton sourced form post-consumer cotton waste and production scraps.

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This groundbreaking process both reduces bottom-line waste and minimises the demand for new raw materials.

The remaining 70 per cent of the “Trash Tees” is meticulously crafted from high-quality organic cotton, which is sourced from certified farmers.

This makes sure the T-shirts are super soft and highly durable.

Zorali has released a range of sustainable T-shirts. Credit: Supplied

Every shirt is also backed by Zorali’s comfort guarantee — with the brand promising it makes “the most comfortable T-shirt you’ll ever wear” — or your money back.

When it comes to manufacturing, Zorali assures the T-shirts are made in collaboration with GOTS-certified partners at Fabstract India.

The shirts are made in a green factory in New Delhi that is 100 per cent powered by 100 per cent recycled water systems and eco-friendly energy sources such as solar and natural gas.

The T-shirts are all backed by Zorali’s comfort guarantee. Credit: Supplied
Cotton regenerated from post-consumer waste and production scraps.
Credit: Supplied

The T-shirts look great too.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, there is a range of colours including “Mango” orange and “Forest Green”.

Some of the shirts feature discreet logos on the front and back, while others have larger “Back to Nature” prints, but there’s something for everyone in the six-piece collection.

I especially love the “Mango” option, which has a relaxed fit and stylish look that would look good either tucked into denim shorts or worn over your exercise bike shorts.

To encourage sustainable choices, Zorali is also offering mix and match bundles, allowing customers to refresh their wardrobe with two Trash Tees for $100.

The T-shirts are made entirely ethically too. Credit: Supplied

Zorali was founded by Cam and Elise in Torquay in Victoria, and has gone on to become a leader of sustainable outdoor clothing and gear.

One hundred per cent carbon neutral, one tree is planted for every item sold.

The brand also has a large social media following of well over 100,000 on Instagram.

For more information and to shop the Trash Tees from Zorali, head here now.






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