Best beauty buys for plump skin: Cult serum that’s sold over 100,000 units lands in Australia

A cult serum that has sold more than 100,000 units in the three months since launching in the US has finally landed in Australia, and it’s already proving to be a sellout.

The BodyBlendz AHA Facial Peeling Solution and BHA, $34.99, uses a combination of fruit-derived AHAs and BHA to help stimulate the production of fresh collagen.

This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase skin plumpness.

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With the product, you can deeply and safely exfoliate to clear pore and skin build-up, with a natural AHA Blend of Bilberry, Lemon, Orange, Sugar Cane, and Sugar Maple. Carrot Root Extract and Tasmanian Pepper Berry Extract.

BodyBlendz promise that you will see results after just one application, but the best continued results come about after continued twice-a-week usage.

A cult serum that has sold more than 100,000 units has finally landed in Australia. Credit: BodyBlendz
The AHA Facial Peeling Solution and BHA, $34.99, uses fruit-derived AHAs and BHA to help stimulate collagen. Credit: BodyBlendz

To use the product, BodyBlendz recommend you clean and dry your face and neck.

Then, use the dropper and your fingers to apply evenly across the face and neck avoiding the eye area.

Leave the product on for 10 minutes before washing it off.

You should ideally use the $34.99 buy twice a week for the best results.

BodyBlendz recommend you use the product twice a week ideally. Credit: Instagram/BodyBlendz

One of BodyBlendz’s other best-selling products is its Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion, which one five star review calls “perfection in a tube”.

Described as “an all-over miracle lotion”, it’s designed to revive the skin’s elasticity and structure, from stubborn areas of the legs, bum and arms, to sagging skin and cellulite of the neck and jawline.

The Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion is also a big hit with customers, gently colouring the skin while also improving its appearance.

“I’m loving this lotion,” said one customer.

“My skin is so silky and soft but the biggest difference is my hands! They literally look and feel years younger.”

Many swear by BodyBlendz’s famous booty products. Credit: BodyBlendz
Much of the BodyBlendz range promises to lift, firm and tighten. Credit: BodyBlendz

The Booty Clay Mask is a winner too, and the white clay mask in cream form claims to be infused with powerful slimming and rich moisturising ingredients, formulated just for your post-Christmas feasting booty.

The brand’s Glacial Dip Body Glow Exfoliating Hydrator has received a notable shout out from Kim Kardashian after being created in collaboration with her friend, model and TV star Nicole Williams English.

But even without celebrity endorsement, the hundreds of five star reviews speak for themselves.

“A glacial miracle! After few days of use, I feel and look younger!” said one review.

“I have been waiting for this in a loooong time! Goodbye pimples and dry skin, hello new me!” said another.

BodyBlendz stocks a huge range of other products perfect for face, body and hair.

To shop from BodyBlendz, including the new AHA Facial Peeling Solution, head here now.






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