Best ballet flats that feel like ‘walking on a cloud’: Rollie Nation’s iconic shoes are 20 per cent off this Boxing Day sale season

More than ever before women are turning away from towering heels and embracing ballet flats for work-related events and night’s out.

Not only do they look Parisian chic, but they’re also made to walk long distances without getting blisters or scrunching up your toes. Or so they should be.

This is certainly the case for the range stocked by Rollie Nation which has been praised by customers for being “cloud-like” in its construction.

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The Ballet Bone and Ballet Soft Tan shoes usually retail for $179.95 but for a limited time only you’ll get 36 per cent off, bringing them down to $115.17.

The leather upper of the flats have been stitched to the outsole inside-out and then inverted to hide the seams.

This means that no glue has been used to put them together so there will be no rubbing against your bare skin.

Rollie Nation has a range of ballet flats. Credit: Rollie Nation

They’re incredibly soft on the inside with padded insoles to cushion every step of your commute and a high grip rubber outsole.

Those that have purchased the shoes have praised being able to “put them on and go about my day right away”.

“I bought two pairs of shoes in quick succession. They were rain-proof, comfy and so lightweight,” one woman wrote.

They are available in muted colours. Credit: Rollie Nation
Some of the colours are currently 36 per cent off. Credit: Rollie Nation

“I generally have very sore feet due to no arches and a painful bunion as a result of an injury. These shoes are very comfortable,” said another.

A third added: “Love them, I’ll buy Rollie Nation for life”.

It looks like ballet flats will be here to stay into 2024 so pick up a pair while the sales are on.

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