Australians react after 127kg US woman reveals biggest fear about trip Down Under

An American woman holidaying in Australia later has revealed her biggest fear about her upcoming trip.

The traveller — who weighs 127kg — said she was nervous about locals judging her for being a “fat American”.

In an honest and open Reddit post, the 31-year-old asked for help from other Aussies about what she should expect when she heads Down Under later in January.

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“Will I be judged for coming to Australia as a fat American?” she wrote.

“I 31F (31-year-old female), am visiting Queensland later this month and am very excited to meet people and learn about Australian culture!

“I am concerned that I will be judged because I am a fat American though (around 280lbs).

A 127kg American woman has spoken of her fears about travelling to Australia. (stock image) Credit: Getty

“I can prove I’m not an entitled Karen by not acting like one of course, (and I completely understand people assuming that of Americans, unfortunately too many people from my country behave poorly especially when travelling abroad) but I can’t not be fat, you know? Not by mid-January, anyway.

“I’m sorry if this is insensitive in any way, I don’t assume y’all are like judgy people or anything, I’m just very nervous and want to know what to expect.”

She later added: “I do get that there are overweight people in other countries. But there is often a stigma for being fat in most places including the US, and I am basically asking how strong of a stigma there is in Australia.”

Responding to the post, hundreds of Aussies assured the woman she had nothing to worry about.

“In Australia we have fat people too, you will be fine,” one said.

Another wrote: “As a 310-pound (140kg) Aussie, I hereby welcome you to the fat land of Australia.”

A third said: “Plenty of fat people to blend in with here, you’ll be fine.”

‘You’ll be fine’

One more added: “You will not be judged for being fat any more than usual — but you might be judged for being American.”

Others gave some advice to the woman on how to avoid being looked down upon as an American traveller.

“Fat American, no problems at all! Loud fat American … you will be judged,” one Reddit user responded.

Another added: “Just don’t be an entitled a******, and you’ll be fine.”

A third wrote: “As long as you are polite you should be fine. The one thing most likely to raise hackles is making negative comparisons. It’s definitely something that US tourists are notorious for.”

Added one more: “Just don’t act like a twat and go around saying America is better in every way, and you’ll be fine.”






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