Aldi joins Woolworths in dumping Australia Day merchandise as Peter Dutton calls for boycott

Aldi has joined Woolworths in choosing not to sell Australia Day merchandise ahead of the national holiday.

The supermarket giant will not sell themed products such as thongs in the lead-up to January 26.

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It comes as Opposition Leader Peter Dutton called on shoppers to boycott Woolworths over its decision not to sell Australia Day wares.

The federal government has slammed Dutton, accusing him of trying to start a culture war.

Federal Labor minister Senator Murray Watt said the Liberal leader was out of touch with the concerns of regular Australians dealing with cost of living pressures and high food prices.

“It is an extraordinary statement from Peter Dutton … his desire to always be negative, always be divisive, divide Australians, find political point scoring opportunities, rather than trying to bring the country together,” he told ABC News Breakfast on Friday.

“His priority is starting another culture war about the kind of thongs and flags that supermarkets sell.”

Watt reaffirmed the government’s commitment to Australia Day, saying they supported keeping the public holiday on January 26.

He said he planned to attend a citizenship ceremony and celebrate it with a barbecue.

Business Council of Australia chief executive Bran Black told The Australian newspaper Dutton’s boycott call was unjustified.

“Businesses shouldn’t be boycotted because they make commercial decisions based on demand for products from their customers,” Black said.

Nationals frontbencher Barnaby Joyce said Woolworths should focus on reducing prices to help Australians.

“I can’t see why people should go shopping there until they realise that your job is a retailer, not a politician,” he told Sky News.






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